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Dunwoody Medallion Hunt

June 21-July 9, 2024

The Dunwoody Medallion has been found!

Congratulations to Jen, Kathy, Greg, William, Emily, and Marc!

Dunwoody Medallion Hunt

June 21-July 14, 2023

Still on the fence? It’s getting tense!
The prize awaits, rest assured—
A carabiner in between ‘er,
Keeps our medallion secured.

CLUE #10
Combining minds to share your finds,
By now you’ve got the knack,
Working together to hunt the treasure
Twice around the track

Through ten locations—secret stations
Of history, classics, and art,
On a wild goose chase, to roughly trace
The chambers of the heart.

We heard through the vine that if you align
The notch with the tip of the arrow,
You’ll find the path; just trust the math—
And follow the straight and narrow.

So locate the zone of the Dunwoody stone
In its leafy hidey-hole
For a final twist—and a flick of the wrist
To score the winning goal!

Spring into action to gain some traction—
Commute on your bike to the brake;
Quickly stalk to the secret dock
And explore the edge of the lake.

A massive urn of flower and fern—
Just one of the telltale signs
You’re getting warm, in some shape or form,
On a curve of three straight lines.

Closing your eyes, look to the skies
For lucky number seven—
A lovely location for interpretation,
Right at the edge of heaven.

Neat and orderly, stacked up quarterly—
Rocks, when viewed from above,
Trace cupid's arrow—straight and narrow—
To pinpoint a symbol of love.

Okay, let’s get nuts—Hold on to your butts!
Emerge at the halfway mark;
It may seem cliché, but life, uh... finds a Way—
So head for Jurassic Park!

Move like a lizard (or a teenage wizard)—
A serpentine path to trace—
And follow our tack to the spooky shack
To find the fourth hiding place.

  CLUE #3
A branch on the trail of a magnate of rail—
Where water cascades through the rocks—
Reveals, at its root, the third piece of loot
To assemble our bloodstone box.

  CLUE #2
According to myths, a god among smiths
Stands over the second spot;
Forged in the flames of Olympic games—
Strike while the iron is hot!

  CLUE #1
Welcome, Hawks, to Dunwoody Rocks;
It’s time to seize the day!
Simply put: the game is afoot;
Our hunt is under way!

Using deduction, steer clear of construction
And stick to the treasure hunt zone—
The seeker is wise to recognize
That you can’t squeeze blood from a stone.

So beat your retreat down a provincial street
For your first Sisyphean task,
Where a lumberjack clad in crimson plaid
Makes short, light work of the cask!

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Since 2019, the Dunwoody College of Technology has hosted on- and off-campus treasure hunts for staff and faculty throughout the year.